(702) 580-5069 NMLS # 557025

(702) 580-5069 NMLS # 557025

Company NMLS# 1133463

(702) 580-5069 NMLS # 557025

Company NMLS# 1133463

VA Loans



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VA Loans are reserved for veterans, active-duty military, veterans, and spouses! The U.S. The Department of Veteran Affairs backs VA loans financially. VA loans are very popular because they require no down payment and have low interest rates — truly a great deal. Additionally, VA loans have lower closing costs which can save buyers a lot of money!

VA Loans are typically offered in 15 year loans or longer because the goal is to offer those who are serving or have served our country, long term stability. While the US Department of Veteran Affairs has no required down payment or credit score — most lenders who work with VA loans do require a credit score in the mid 500’s or higher. If this doesn’t apply to you, don’t worry — there’s always ways to figure it out! It’s worth noting that on average with a 30 year VA purchase loan, the interest rates are lower than non-VA loans.

There aren’t a lot of disadvantages when it comes to these loans. One however is that while VA loans don’t require closing costs, there are funding fees that account for the cost of foreclosure if the buyer fails to make their mortgage payments. Also, properties must be in decent condition to qualify for a VA loan.

If you qualify for a VA loan program, thank you for your service and we can’t wait to work with you to see what best suits your needs!

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