Refinance Your Home Loan

So you have your home financed and you’ve locked in the best rate you can get. Years go by and all of a sudden that interest rate you got on your initial loan isn’t so stellar anymore and you want to do something about it.

When it’s time to refinance your home loan, call us at (702) 580-5069 to start the process, or read to learn more below.

Why should I refinance my home loan?

Why Refinance your Home LoanRefinancing your home loan is a good strategy when interest rates are bottoming out and they’re lower than your current rate. Its a great way to cut down on the duration of your loan, or lower your monthly payments.

Right now is one of the best times ever to refinance your home and lock in an amazing interest rate. Because of the market crash, interest rates have plummeted and its a great opportunity for current homeowners to save money on the remaining balance of their loan.

How do I qualify for a refinance loan?

How do I Qualify for Refinancing my Home LoanThe process is very similar to how you qualified for your initial home loan. We take a look at your credit scores, your income, and how well you’ve managed your current loan. They key difference is the balance that is left on your current loan.

If the balance is too large, or the loan was just recently taken out, the likelyhood of you getting denied goes up. For example, say you refinanced your homes loan once a month to get out of actually paying anything on the bill. We stop things like that from occurring during this stage of the refinance process.

If you’re interested in trying to refinance your home loan, give us a call at (702) 580-5069 or use the form to the right to reach out to us.
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